M. David Taub

About M. David Taub

The little picture : a polaroid transfer onto arches watercolor paper...this is a self-portrait taken around 1990 in the basement of the Dakota in New York City where I did most of my monotype work. I rented the space from my teacher and friend, Ryna Segal.

The big picture : born in Brooklyn, New York. Then > Grade school > High School > College > work in Graphic design > Photography > Painting > Monotypes. Currently living and working in the south of France.

Starting from square one, a new blog on aminus3 :


Photography Equipment

Canon A640

Nikon D700 and a bunch of Nikon lenses

Digital production : Macbook Pro, Photoshop, lightroom, guts...

Please don't use any of my photos without written permission from me, ok? You can always contact me at rififination {at} free.fr if you'd like info on using one of my images for reproduction.